making the planet better through material innovation

Unrecyclable is unacceptable. Amphico is paving the way to a circular solution to material waste.

About Our Mission

At Amphico we help brands do better by creating sustainable and accessible materials

We are a combination of experienced scientists and designers, passionate about making the future a better place, both in creating a more sustainable future for the planet and in the improved performance and experience of the products we create.

About us
One source material, limitless possibilities

100% recyclable and coating-free alternative to traditional waterproof breathable textiles

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Inherently hydrophobic yarn needing no chemical coating to be water-repellent

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Enabling human life underwater through material science, more coming soon

Our Values

People & Planet

Our mono-material WBT is designed to be 100% recyclable and PFAS-free. We are also exploring zero-waste and waterless manufacturing processes.
Our Values

High Performance

We are conducting rigorous in-house testing, as well as working with industry experts and suppliers to ensure Amphitex™ exceeds the standards used in high performance waterproofs.
Our Values

User Experience

We value the experience of our end consumer and have been conducting qualitative and quantitative research into the different textile requirements for specific adventure activities.
Why Amphico?
We don’t just talk the talk.

We prevent our clients from having to make the difficult choice between high-performance and sustainability by offering the right choice for users and the planet.

reduce emissions
Reducing materials carbon footprint is what we do
No Toxic Chemicals
Always free from PFAS and PTFE
Mono material solutions for a circular lifecycle
save water
Waterless dyeing for a minimal freshwater footprint
Stronger together
Trusted by our partners
"I will always support innovation like Amphitex™ to disrupt the outdoor performance textile market so that we do not become complacent as an industry. Amphitex™ is a great example which helps re-establish British design and material innovation."
Charles Ross
Specialist in Performance Sportswear Design & Sustainable Matters FRSA
"FFF and UoL have been working with Amphico, both via FFF Responsive R&D funding and IUK awards since 2020. Having helped to take the startup’s original waterproof breathable textile fibre and turn it into a viable product, we are thrilled that this innovative technology is gaining impetus through the application of Amphitex™, which has exciting ramifications not only for Amphico's own collections, but as a sustainable alternative to be used in a range of outerwear pieces."
Susan Rainton
Future Fashion Factory (FFF) Programme Manager
"As part of a Future Fashion Factory R&D project, Dr Mark Taylor, Dr Ioana Taylor and I were able to assist the Amphico team to support the early-stage commercial development and physical testing of the new Amphitex product. Amphico is now collaborating with large retail brands, as well as trialling methods of recycling Amphitex for the production of new products. It's really good to see the progress that Amphico has made in building its new business and creating an exciting new product to replace traditional WWB membranes."
Prof. Stephen Russell
Director of the Nonwovens Research Group and the Centre for Technical Textiles at the University of Leeds

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