Amphico is leading the outdoor industry to a circular future

We use the same recyclable source material for every innovation, pushing it to the max to create garments, gills and more.

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It’s never been more difficult to enjoy the outdoors without polluting it. Working at the intersection of science, engineering and design, Amphico is paving the way to make everything from one thing.

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Designed for Circularity

We know that we mention it a lot, but only because it is really important. Using recycled materials is becoming more common in the outdoor industry, often to create non-recyclable garments by combining different polymers. This is a step in the right direction but our ambition is to go further and close the loop by creating long lasting mono-material textiles that allow the whole garment to be recycled with the quality to be used again, and again.
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Our proprietary Amphidry™ Yarn is woven to create the hydrophobic outer fabric, meaning it will remain water repellent without the use of harmful or short-lasting chemical coatings. Meanwhile, the membrane has achieved a waterproof rating of 20,000 mmH2O at lab scale and we are currently working hard to scale it up. This combination of repellency and waterproofing provides the ultimate shell against any weather, even whilst sitting on wet grass or snow, to keep you dry and comfortable.
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Amphitex™ keeps the rain and wind out, but let’s your skin breathe to keep you comfortable on the mountain, in the forest or on your way to work. Specially constructed micropores in the membrane allow water vapour to pass through whilst blocking everything else that mother nature can throw at you. Breathability is under rigorous development and is on track to reach our first goal of 10,000 g/m²/24hr by Spring 2023.
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PFAS-free materials

Amphico never uses PFAS and neither should you. This group of artificial substances can be found in everything from paints to cleaning products and unfortunately often in many water repellent coatings. These forever chemicals have been found to bioaccumulate in some of the world’s most remote rivers and lakes and proven to pose a serious risk to human and animal health. Whilst the outdoor industry is moving away from PFAS we pose a radical new solution, to not use any coatings at all.
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We are a combination of experienced scientists and designers, passionate about making the future a better place, both in creating a more sustainable future for the planet and in the improved performance and experience of the products we create.

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Jan 2017

Gill Invented
Jun Kamei (Forbes30Under30) first prototyped the original artificial gill as a response to rising sea levels during his master’s project at the RCA after studying Applied Chemisty at Tohoku University.

Jul 2018

Press Features
The artificial gill invention was featured in several major news articles and received international recognition.

Nov 2018

Amphico Founded
The company was founded by Jun, who remains as CEO today, and joins the InnovationRCA start-up incubator.

Jul 2019

Pre-seed funding secured
InnovationRCA, VENREX and angels invested and Graham Bratton joined the team as Head of IP and Commercialisation.

Aug 2019

Our first grant
Amphibio was awarded the Defense Accelerator Grant.

Jul 2020

Innovate UK Grant Funding
Amphibio is awarded a grant to develop a physical gill to enable humans to breathe underwater for longer.

Aug 2020

The Dream Team
Dr Deana Tsang, Dr Hatim Cader, Nadia Bassiri and Kate Webster joined the team as   Material Scientists, Lead Design Engineer and Textile Engineer. Deana and Hatim remain on the team as CTO and Lead Material Scientist.

Sep 2020

The start of collaborations with the Future Fashion Factory and The University of Leeds to test digital 3D knitting in waterproof breathable garments.

Oct 2020

Innovate UK Grant Funding
Amphico is awarded two grants by UK Research & Innovation to develop a physical gill to enable humans to breathe underwater for longer and circular waterproof breathable textiles for garments.

May 2021

MC Finalist
Amphico was selected as a finalist in the Mass Challenge program beating over 1,000 start-ups.

Jun 2021

Innovate UK Grant Funding
A third IUK grant is awarded to deliver next generation of safe and sustainable smart clothing.

Jun 2021

Growing the Team
Fergus Telfer, Isabella MacKenzie and Claire Miller all join the team as Design Engineer, Lead Textile and Colour Designer, and Textile Designer.

Sep 2021

Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneer
Amphico is named one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers and attends the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021

Oct 2021

Manufacturing for Good
Amphico participates in the University of Cambridge’s Institute for Sustainability Leadership Accelerator as part of the Manufacturing for Good cohort.

Nov 2021

crQlr Best in Industry Prize
Amphitex is awarded crQlr’s Best in Industry Prize.

Mar 2022

New Facilities
Amphico joins Makerversity at Somerset House in London to scale up in-house physical R&D activities.

Apr 2022

Winner of the Terra Carta Design Lab 2022
Amphitex by Amphico was chosen as one of four winners of the Terra Carta Design Lab, launched by HRH The Prince of Wales and Sir Jony Ive as part of the Sustainable Markets Initiative and in collaboration with the RCA.

Jun 2022

A second cohort of summer interns join Amphico.

Aug 2022

How&How’s GetSet Program
How&How rebrand Amphico.
Stronger together
Trusted by our partners
"I will always support innovation like AMPHITEX to disrupt the outdoor performance textile market so that we do not become complacent as an industry. AMPHITEX is a great example which helps re-establish British design and material innovation."
Charles Ross
Specialist in Performance Sportswear Design & Sustainable Matters FRSA
"FFF and UoL have been working with Amphico, both via FFF Responsive R&D funding and IUK awards since 2020. Having helped to take the startup’s original waterproof breathable textile fibre and turn it into a viable product, we are thrilled that this innovative technology is gaining impetus through the application of Amphitex™, which has exciting ramifications not only for Amphico's own collections, but as a sustainable alternative to be used in a range of outerwear pieces."
Susan Rainton
Future Fashion Factory (FFF) Programme Manager
"As part of a Future Fashion Factory R&D project, Dr Mark Taylor, Dr Ioana Taylor and I were able to assist the Amphico team to support the early-stage commercial development and physical testing of the new Amphitex product. Amphico is now collaborating with large retail brands, as well as trialling methods of recycling Amphitex for the production of new products. It's really good to see the progress that Amphico has made in building its new business and creating an exciting new product to replace traditional WWB membranes."
Prof. Stephen Russell
Director of the Nonwovens Research Group and the Centre for Technical Textiles at the University of Leeds
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